Anthropomorphic Food illustration for an upcoming print!

Process from pencil, to marker, vector and color

Illustration inspired by one of my favorite 90s movies: Cruel Intentions

W is for Watermelon

My boyfriend and I when we are watching Breaking Bad.

Where I come from... every party is a Taco Party.

Pattern made for shoe fabric design. Client: Bucketfeet, for the Spring 2015 collection.

Illustration inspired by 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' for character Emma and her unique smile.

Beware of the ghost pizzas

Illustration I made for a Valentine's Day card. Get it here.

Barack Obama inspired illustration

"Fat Russell" Inspired by my chunky buddy, Petey.

Poster I made for my favorite singer Lana Del Rey. Inspired by her song "Ride".

My childhood hero, Carl Sagan.