Logo for Mandarina Clementina, a natural flavored water brand in Mexico. My client wanted something fresh, yet calming. Something vibrant but also traditional. For the logo, I made a minimal drawing of a mandarin orange and a clementine, which are what the brand is named after.

The packaging is flexible so that it can be modified for different flavors.

Buisness card sample for the team at Mandarina Clementina.

One-color version of the logo to be printed on merchandise

Logo for a Mexican artisanal food brand named Natural Green. I've been wanting to experiment with watercolor for a while so this was my chance! This logo will be on the packaging for hand-crafted jam, olive oil, some for salsa, and many others.

Packaging sample for hand-crafted strawberry jam.

Business card sample for the team at Natural Green.

Poster and collateral designed for Arizona's World Usability Day, hosted in 2014 at the PayPal offices

Poster at the entrance of the event

Collateral detail

Logo re-design for Best Western. Made just for fun. I kept the top half of the original shape, made the blue a little deeper to contrast better with the bright red, and made the type smaller with more space between letters. I tried different serif typefaces but they kept competing with the W. Also, got rid of that giant 'registered trademark' symbol.

Logo design for a non-profit organization from Buffalo, NY. Done while at Eric Mower + Associates.

Business system detail.

Winning t-shirt design chosen by faculty at the Design School from Arizona State University.

T-shirt sample