Landing page web design presented as a pitch for Subway for their 2013 Februany campaign. Art direction: Tim Washburn.

Scrolling verticlaly, the user would be able to see the different "frenzy" levels in a one-page site. Photography of Justin Tuck courtesy of Subway.

My contribution for Chris Streger's "To Resolve Project" for 2013. A downloadable wallpaper for iPhone 5 available here

Digital desktop wallpaper for book lovers, such as myself.

Digital desktop wallpaper titled "Part of a complete abstract breakfast".

First solo project done while working at Nomadic Agency for Murphy USA and Dr. Pepper, made in collaboration with Jonathan Rebert. Him and I were in charge of art direction, casting, broadcast directing, editing and broadcast production. Video filmed by Alexander D. Chapin and Matthew Solis. Script by Holly Ringaud, Creative directors: Brooke Mueller and Tim Washburn.

Murphy USA and Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway contest website. Where the video lived from Sept 2012 - Dec 2012.

Seeder videos used as samples for the audience to uplod their own videos. I was in single-handedly in charge of their production, casting, editing and art direction.