Data visualization poster made to depict the TV viewership rankings worldwide per each World Cup year.

Initial sketches and explorations

Closeup detail of the infographic, showing viewers in millions on the Z axis, countries broadcasting per year on the X asis, and viewership per continent on the Y axis.

Survey conducted to the Class of 2012 of Visual Communication Design at ASU, regarding their age, likes, dislikes, and environmental concerns.

Closeup detail

Environmental questions, per student

Color key

Infographic icons showing how to make a hardcover book. The challenge was to make the instructions visually understandable without words, and readable to blind people. I perforated by hand the Braille instructions so that blind people can make their own books as a hobbie or to gift.

Sketches and initial explorations.

Poster closeup, and placement of Braille perforations

Braille detail.

Poster closeup.