Banana print! Pattern carved out of block print + yellow printing ink. Printing ink is thicker than regular ink, but thinner than acrylic paint, so I'm really enjoying experimenting with it.

Tools used to make the pattern

Banana prints sent all over the country to friends and fellow designers.

Clock design based on an infographic about sweeteners. Each square represents one pound of sugar. The left side represents the pounds of sugar per year of the average American in 1950. The right represents the pounds of sugar consumed during 2011.

The cool-tone squares represent natural sweeteners, and the warm-tone ones represent artificial sweeteners.

Clock detail.

Clock detail.

The Dexter Book.

Book detail.

Hand-made book inspired by one of my favorite shows, Dexter. A blood-spatter analyst from Miami Police.

Stern-looking coffee mug. This is the face I have in the mornings before my coffee. Portrait drawn by hand.

The anti-fur book.

Hand-made book made to promote the use of faux fur. Animals have nervous systems that makes them feel pain in a similar way humans experience it.

Candy color set, for sale here

The lace book.

Hand-made book made to depict how women tend to look femenine and perfect on the outside, but in the inside the story might be different.