Design: Julieta Felix
Content Strategy: Blaine Daiutolo and Linda Mitman
UX Director: Danielle Hoffecker
Front End Development: Nubia Bristol and Roberto Garcia


The main thing that the team focused in the redesign was to make the content pages (which account for 70% of the entire American Airlines website) to be simple, clean, with distinct calls to action, and a layout inspired by the feedback gathered from user testing. All pages are responsive and meet legal accesibility standards.

Airport page before looked a little out of date, so we refreshed the design with a larger image of the new American Airlines plane, a "Top Airports" section with the top airports people click to (supported by data), and for the other 20% we made a smart search field that autopopulates as you write.

Images are now bigger and compliment the page's content. We organized the information in a hierarchy that was dictated by data analysis per click.

For the Admirals Club page, we wanted to make the amenities shine while keeping the membership tiers and pricing easy to find.

American Airlines has incredible food on-board so we wanted to feature some of the great vibrant photographs from the meal options. We also consolidated multiple pages into one scrollable page.

Additional page examples

Shown above are the 'AAdvantage' page (Frequent Flyer Program), 'Redeem your miles' page, an example of an individual airport page, and the hotels page. Just a few samples of how the layout works in different pages.

Responsive page redesign here shown in mobile.